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Let’s be honest, we could all use a little pick-me-up. If you find yourself in need of BALANCE, UPLIFT, RENEW, GLOW or ZEN, look no further. Each of our seven fruit blends is a harmony of real, blended fruit and simple plant ingredients like ginseng, ginger, turmeric, ashwagandha, and chamomile. 

Skip the store and get the goodness and freshness of real fruit delivered directly to your door. Our fruit blends will keep fresh, and most importantly, delicious, in your pantry or fridge.

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Uplift Positive Fruit Co Fruit Blend

UPLIFT your morning

Maybe you skipped breakfast. Or maybe you need a little something extra to get you going this morning. Apple, mango, orange, banana and lemon blended with turmeric just makes sense in the morning. Our fruit blends are at home in your pantry, fridge, or next to your coffee machine. Apple Citrus UPLIFT is delicious alone or as a complement to your morning caffeine ritual.

Balance Positive Fruit Co. Raspberry + Blueberry Snacks
All Day

BALANCE to the rescue

Whether it’s 10 a.m. or 3 p.m., sometimes you just need a pick-me-up. Now, more than ever, BALANCE feels essential and, well, elusive. Our Raspberry Blueberry BALANCE fruit blend is infused with ashwagandha and tastes of delightful, bright berries to boot. Keep your pouch at your desk to help you power through Zoom calls or make that deadline a little more manageable.

Renew Positive Fruit Co. Fruit Blend Black Cherry
Any time

RENEW for you

Whether you’re pre- or post-workout, our Black Cherry RENEW fruit blend is here to help get you through or recover. Plus, it is positively delicious. Who knew renewal tastes like tempting, juicy black cherries with a ginseng bonus? No matter what form of movement you enjoy, we want to infuse it with positivity.  

Zen Positive Fruit Co. Fruit Blend + Chamomile Strawberry Pomegranate Snack

Channel your ZEN

Meet your nightstand’s new MVP. It’s been a long day (week, 12 weeks…), so grab a ZEN fruit blend to help you wind down at night. Make it a part of your evening routine and let sweet strawberry, tart pomegranate and gentle chamomile soothe you to sleep.

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