Positive by name. Positive by nature.

Real, blended fruit + simple plant ingredients

Mood food

Humans are complicated. We’re not either on or off. There are a million settings in between. And in some moments (or crises) it can be hard to predict, or even identify, how exactly you’re feeling because there are so many nuanced and ever-changing emotions affecting our moods.

That’s where The Positive Fruit Co. comes in. A brand that not only embraces, champions, and celebrates the infinite manifestations of your mood, but uses the goodness of fruit plus simple plant ingredients to support your mood, whatever it may be. Our fruit blends provide the variety your taste buds crave, all in an easy-to-eat pouch that you can enjoy wherever life takes you—even if it is from one room to the next.

Taste Appeal

In the pouch

What’s in the pouch? A blend of delicious, real fruit (including purees, juices and dried fruit) infused with simple plant ingredients. That’s it. Positive Fruit Co. fruit blends are as delicious as they are beneficial. Plus, all seven flavor benefit pairings contain:

•  NO added sugar
•  Plant Based Ingredients
•  Under 100 Calories

Positively delicious.

The Full Lineup

Fruit blends available for delivery

•  Raspberry Blueberry with Ashwagandha | BALANCE

•  Strawberry Pomegranate with Chamomile | ZEN
•  Black Cherry with Ginseng | RENEW
•  Mango Banana with Ginger | GLOW
•  Passion Fruit Pineapple with Ginger | GLOW
•  Apple Citrus with Turmeric | UPLIFT
•  Banana Peach with Turmeric | UPLIFT



“I know it’s just fruit with something extra but it makes me feel like I am taking the right first step, or staying on the right track, as I move through my day. Between 300 Zooms a day, trying to maintain my Yoga practice and binge-watching shows at night, it’s been challenging to keep everything in balance. I’ve been reaching for my ZEN and RENEW packs on the reg.”
Valerie Maldonado, Chicago

“I got a variety pack and I love how different each fruit blend tastes—from bright and refreshing to more subtle, warming. All delicious. I’ve used the blends as a quick boost between meetings or a little something to satisfy my sweet tooth after lunch or dinner.”
Andrew Tham, Chicago

What’s in a name?

Founded in Chicago in 2020, Positive Fruit Co. believes in fruit and, well, positivity. Our ambition is to create a portfolio of scrumptious, fruit-based products made to meet the demands of our modern times. The charter PFC launch is a variety of seven delicious fruit blend pouches to suit a variety of moods so you can treat yourself to something positive. Additional fruit-based snacks will follow in the coming months. Watch this space.

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